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* Before taking this route, make sure you know exactly what you plan to sell and to who. Take a picture and list all the products that you intend to sell. You can set the price for your product and keep in mind that some websites will charge a small fee for every transaction involved.   E Five Great Audio Production Niches Edit podcasts: Podcasters will pay you to edit, mix and master their episodes, ensuring that they sound crisp and loud, that all the speakers are at the same volume level, and so on.Make beats: If music production sounds more like your thing, check out the BeatStars marketplace, where up-and-coming artists pay around $20 per track.Produce song demos: A more lucrative form of music production is recording song demos. Songwriters need semi-professional recordings to pitch their music to artists, so they’ll hire you to transform their work tape (which is usually a rough recording of them performing a song with just a guitar or piano), so that you can re-record it — either by playing the instruments yourself or using synthesized instruments via a program like GarageBand. If you can sing, that’s a major plus. If not, you may need to hire a vocalist to perform the track. (You should have no trouble finding willing singers on campus.)Transcribe music: If you know how to read and write sheet music, people will pay you to transcribe their songs (or other songs) from audio to formal notation. If you understand guitar tablature and/or the Nashville Numbers System, you can also make money by transcribing songs into those shorthand formats.Write songs: People will pay you to write custom music for them. Sometimes, this means writing advertising jingles. But other times, it’s composing original music for film projects, or composing music specifically for artists to perform. When writing songs, you can opt for a work-for-hire contract, in which you get paid a set fee but don’t own any part of the song. Or, you can opt for a co-writing agreement, in which you own a part of the song and are thus entitled to any future royalties. 铮?  A

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